DVD insert layout

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Genre/ Synopsis…

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The genre for my stop motion animation is pretty similar to that of Robot Chicken simply because of the action figures used. However it’s not necessarily a comedy though, it could be seen as an adventure/revenge piece more than anything else.

Target Audience:

My target audience would be people between the ages of 15-25; this is pretty much the same range as Lionel VS The Line. I believe that the same audience groups can enjoy them simply because of the content contained within them. Younger audiences will like it because it’s quite playful and contains actions figures and I think older audiences will like it because of the message it carries with it about how to treat things.

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Int. night. House

Jason walks into his house and stumbles over the mop and bucket and then begins to grumble. He continues to walk into his house takes his coat off and drops it onto a bowl with a spoon in it.



He then continues to the kitchen, makes some toast and makes a mess with the cutlery and everything around him.


uhhhh!……What a pig

Jason walks out of the kitchen straight upstairs into the bathroom and begins to brush his teeth making more mess with the toothbrushes and other items around him.


What the??

He then makes his way into his bedroom and gets into bed, while trying to turn off his bedside lamp he manages to knock over his action figure, which is placed right beside it and then he finally turns it off.


I’ve had enough of this shit!……. Lord!


Yes sir?


Get everyone to assemble just after sunset, and make sure everyone is there from kitchonians to frontlandians I mean everyone.


Yes sir I’ll get on it right away

Lord turns to around and looks at Rax


We must get everyone together quickly, i think ranger might be planning something

Rax hurries off quickly to alert everyone of the assembly. He runs all over the house telling everything to come to hear what has to be said.

EXT. night. outside in the garden

Ranger is waiting outside for all the household items to arrive, he seems anxious and keeps pacing back and fourth. Lord walks up to him.


I can’t believe it sir I think everyone is beginning to arrive, all the lighters, batteries, pencils and pens and even the cutlery are coming.


Well done Lord, they need to hear this.

Ranger waits as the large group of household items begin to descend onto the area.


Quiet down! Ranger needs to speak with us.

Ranger steps up to the front and begins to speak


For far too long the tall one has been taking advantage of us without regard to our welfare. At one point i was his prized possession… but now I’m no better than the dirt on his shoes…….. I think it’s time to take over this house and show him who really controls it……… who’s with me?

A loud roar of approval comes from the crowd.


I’ve been wanting to do something about this for far too long.


Ye we definately need to show him.

The loud roar continues. Ranger steps up to speak again


We need to attack tonight before anytime is wasted……. get your clans ready it’s happening tonight.

int. night. house

The large group of household items begin their move through the kitchen and up the stairs towards Jason’s room to try and attack him. Everything from toothbrushes to batteries, lighters and various forms of cutlery accompanied by pencils pens and even erasers and sharpeners are involved in the strike. Everyone gets to the door of his room and realize the items within his room have already begun their strike as well. They begin to move in too. All items begin to move over the bed getting closer to Jason, just as they are about to attack Jason abruptly wakes up. Suddenly all the items fall over as though they’ve died.


Fuck it!… this is our only chance…… ATTACK!!!!!!

All items are swiftly revived and get back up. Jason looks around to find all his household items around him about to attack he looks surprised and very scared.



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Sound sheet…

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Sound Sheet- TREASON


Sound Number Sound Description
1 Jason opening the door and footsteps as he walks inside
2 Footsteps and the sounds of him kicking the mop and bucket over. Sounds of them both falling to the floor
3 Jason begins to grumble
4 Footsteps as he begins to walk into the kitchen
5 Sounds of him taking off his coat
6 Sounds of the coat falling through the air
7 Spoon shouting…Ahhhhhhhhhh!
8 Sound of coat falling onto bowl and spoon
9 Footsteps as Jason walks into the kitchen
10 Sounds of Jason putting toast into the toaster
11 Jason humming as he looks for a knife
12 Sounds of him buttering his toast
13 Sounds of the knife being thrown across the counter and falling onto the floor
14 Sound of knife speaking… Uhhhh!.. What a pig
15 Footsteps as he walks out of the room
16 Footsteps as he walks up the steps and into his room
17 Sounds of him opening the door and footsteps as he enters the room
18 Sounds of him taking his shirt off
19 Sounds of him getting into bed- rustling etc
20 Sounds of him fiddling around at the bedside table
21 Sounds of Jason knocking over the action figure
22 Action figure falls to the floor with a thud
23 Sound of the light being flicked off
24 Ranger begins to speak…..I’ve had enough of this shit……..Lord!
25 Sound of Lord replying… Yes Sir?
26 Ranger speaks back.. Get everyone to assemble, just after sunset and make sure everyone is there, from kitchonians to frontlandians. I mean everyone.
27 Lord replies.. Yes sir I’ll get on it right away
28 Lord begins to speak to Rax… We need to get everyone together I think ranger might be planning something
29 Sounds of Rax jumping off the table and running off
30 Military sounds as rax runs around telling everyone about the meeting
31 Footsteps as ranger paces back and forth
32 Lord begins to speak to ranger…… I can’t believe it sir everyone is arriving. The lights, batteries, pencils and pens and even the cutlery are coming.
33 Ranger replies… Well done Lord they need to hear this
34 Sounds of a large group of people coming towards you- heavy footsteps etc, military sounds in background
35 Lord begins to speak to the crowd…. Quiet down ranger needs to speak with us
36 Footsteps as ranger walks up and begins to talk…. For far too long the tall one has been taking advantage of us without regard to our welfare. At one point I was his prized possession… but now I’m no better than the dirt on his shoes…….. I think it’s time to take over this house and show him who really controls it……… who’s with me?
37 Sounds of loud cheering of approval from the crowd
38 A fork speaks… I’ve been wanting to do something about this for far too long.
39 Loud cheering again
40 A battery speaks…… Ye we definately need to show him.
41 The loud roar continues
42 Ranger begins to speak again…. We need to attack tonight before anytime is wasted……. get your clans ready it’s happening tonight.
43 Loud marching sounds as the large crowd begin to move through the house and up the stairs
44 Sounds of ranger slowly pushing the door open, the whole time military sounds are going on in the background
45 Jason abruptly wakes up…. Uhhhhhhh!
46 Sounds of all the items falling on the bed around Jason
47 Ranger begins to speak… Fuck it!… this is our only chance…… ATTACK!!!!!!
48 Sounds of a power up as all items are revived
49 Jason begins to pant loudly as all items scream and charge toward him. He screams very loudly….AHHHHHHHHH!!

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Introduction to new idea – TREASON

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Shot Shot Type Shot Desc. Timing
1 Medium Shot Jason walks into the house 3 seconds
2 Low angle Jason kicking over the bucket after just getting in 2 seconds
3 Side angle medium Jason grumbling after just kicking the bucket 2 seconds
4 Medium to Long shot Jason continuing to walk into his house. He takes his coat off and drops it onto a bowl with a spoon in it 3 seconds
5 Low angle Spoon looking up at the coat about to drop onto him 3 seconds
6 Medium Shot Jason entering the kitchen 2 seconds
7 Close up Jason putting the toast in the toaster 2 seconds
8 High Angled medium shot from behind Jason trying to look for a knife around a cluttered and dirty kitchen. He grabs the closest knife to him 3 seconds
9 Close up Jason buttering the toast and making a mess with it 2 seconds
10 Medium shot from behind Jason throwing the knife across the room. The knife falls onto the floor 2 seconds
11 Long shot Jason walking out of the kitchen 2 seconds
12 Long sot Jason walking up the stairs 2 seconds
13 Medium shot Jason walking up towards a door and then opens it 2 seconds
14 Long shot Jason walks into his room takes his shirt off and throws it in a corner and gets into bed 3 seconds
15 Medium shot A shot of the bedside table with a book an action figure and a light. 3 seconds
16 High angle shot Ranger looking up from the ground 3 seconds
17 Long shot Lord stood on the table 2 seconds
18 High angle shot Ranger on the ground looking up again 8 seconds
19 Long shot Lord stood n the table speaks to Ranger and then turns to Rax and begins to speak to him. Rax runs off of the table to alert everyone of rangers, montague of rax telling everyone about the meeting 18 seconds
20 Long shot Ranger is stood up high waiting for everyone to arrive he is pacing. Lord walks up to him and begins to speak he replies and then continues to wait 11 seconds
21 Camera zooms out from long shot of ranger and lord The crowd begins to arrive 3 seconds
22 Long shot from behind of ranger and lord Lord begins to speak and then ranger steps up front 5 seconds
23 Long shot over looking crowd Ranger begins to give an inspirational speech, the crowd roars and gives their opinions, they roar again. Ranger speaks for the last time 33 seconds
24 Long shot From inside the kitchen of large group of items moving towards stairs 5 seconds
25 Long shot All the items walking through the hall and up the stairs 6 seconds
26 Long shot Items approaching Jason’s door 3 seconds
27 Long shot pan From inside Jason’s room. The items push the door open slowly and then begin to move in. 5 seconds
28 Low angle shot From the view behind ranger as they realize the items within the room have already begun to strike 2 seconds
29 Long shot From the foot of the bed. All items begin to jump up onto the behind and surround Jason 3 seconds
30 Close up Jason suddenly waking up and all the items drop as though they’ve died 3 seconds
31 Side angle shot Ranger Begins to speak 4 seconds
32 Long shot From foot of bed as all items revive suddenly 3 seconds
33 Long shot zoom in to close up Jason screaming look very scared 3 seconds

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Nice to look at…..

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Final Storyboards for new script

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Character description “The Line”

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Definately final Script..

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A box falls from the sky along with other objects accompanied by a crashing sound to the floor. From among the rubble Lionel jumps out, dusts himself off and smiles straight towards the audience and breaks the fourth wall.


Lots of distorted speaking

Lionel points upwards as though to explain where he has just come from and then turns to the audience and makes gestures as to signify he can’t be bothered to explain it anymore and continues to walk along. Suddenly the sound of a boxing bell rings, Lionel jumps to attention and starts shadow boxing.


Whistles a tune.

He continues to walk along the line whistling until he comes to some what of a big coil tangling the line he’s walking on. He bends over and tries to pull it to straighten it, it doesn’t untangle. Lionel looks at the audience slightly agitated. He gives it another go and pulls at it again it doesn’t untangle. Lionel looks very angry by this time. Suddenly the line whips him up from beneath his feet causing Lionel to be thrown into the air while yelping.



The line


Lionel gets up and doesn’t look too happy with what has just happened. He quickly pulls out a big pair of scissors and begins to run attempting to cut the line with them. The line is too fast for him so he stops and cracks up into laughter.



Lionel then continues to walk along the line happily, until the line decides to come up behind him and morph into a cloud and start raining on him. Lionel doesn’t seem too happy with this so he pulls out his two hand guns and shoots the cloud down, the cloud acts as a deflated balloon and flops to the floor slowly. Lionel then continues to walk along until the line comes from underneath his feet as flames, he yelps and quickly jumps off, he pulls a pale of water from out of his pocket and puts the line out. He cracks up into laughter and point at the spot where the line was. He then continues to walk along.


Blah, Blah, Ahhhh hahaaha ahh

Lionel then walks up and notices some graffiti on the wall. He walks up to it pulls a can of spray paint out of his pocket, shakes it and begins to spray. Very quickly the whole area is covered with smoke and fumes. Lionel steps back from it and all that he had done is put a line through the whole thing, he turns around and smiles towards the camera and starts chuckling.



He comes to a pull up bar which is the line in disguise, positioned just a little bit out of his reach. He looks up at it and tries with one hand to grab onto it. Lionel doesn’t manage to reach this and begins to get angry again by showing the audience his not too happy face.



From across the room he sees a little crate which he thinks would be perfect to stand on and do some pulls up. He grabs it and puts it under the bar. Lionel then looks at the audience smiling again looking proud of himself. The lines face comes up looking very mischievous on the right side of the frame.

The line

Watch this!

As soon as he gets on the bar and attempts to do a pull up the line plays a trick on Lionel and starts to comes towards him like a lit dynamite fuse. Lionel sees this and looks very worried, the crate that Lionel puts under the bar turns out to be a TNT box which the line is about to ignite. Lionel blows up out of frame followed by screaming, shouting and crashing noises.

The End.

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Not happy..

April 22, 2011 at 3:59 pm (Uncategorized)

I wasn’t very happy with my current script and after a very helpful tutorial i thought it needed some work. So I made a few changes to some of the situations that happen between Lionel and The Line. I did this because I thought some of the shots used within the previous script and storyboard were quite ambiguous, i also thought they might be difficult to animate especially with my degree of know how in the matter. In the new script I believe I have made the shots easier for myself to animate and they are also much less confusing to the audience to watch.

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