Definately final Script..

April 22, 2011 at 4:01 pm (Uncategorized)


A box falls from the sky along with other objects accompanied by a crashing sound to the floor. From among the rubble Lionel jumps out, dusts himself off and smiles straight towards the audience and breaks the fourth wall.


Lots of distorted speaking

Lionel points upwards as though to explain where he has just come from and then turns to the audience and makes gestures as to signify he can’t be bothered to explain it anymore and continues to walk along. Suddenly the sound of a boxing bell rings, Lionel jumps to attention and starts shadow boxing.


Whistles a tune.

He continues to walk along the line whistling until he comes to some what of a big coil tangling the line he’s walking on. He bends over and tries to pull it to straighten it, it doesn’t untangle. Lionel looks at the audience slightly agitated. He gives it another go and pulls at it again it doesn’t untangle. Lionel looks very angry by this time. Suddenly the line whips him up from beneath his feet causing Lionel to be thrown into the air while yelping.



The line


Lionel gets up and doesn’t look too happy with what has just happened. He quickly pulls out a big pair of scissors and begins to run attempting to cut the line with them. The line is too fast for him so he stops and cracks up into laughter.



Lionel then continues to walk along the line happily, until the line decides to come up behind him and morph into a cloud and start raining on him. Lionel doesn’t seem too happy with this so he pulls out his two hand guns and shoots the cloud down, the cloud acts as a deflated balloon and flops to the floor slowly. Lionel then continues to walk along until the line comes from underneath his feet as flames, he yelps and quickly jumps off, he pulls a pale of water from out of his pocket and puts the line out. He cracks up into laughter and point at the spot where the line was. He then continues to walk along.


Blah, Blah, Ahhhh hahaaha ahh

Lionel then walks up and notices some graffiti on the wall. He walks up to it pulls a can of spray paint out of his pocket, shakes it and begins to spray. Very quickly the whole area is covered with smoke and fumes. Lionel steps back from it and all that he had done is put a line through the whole thing, he turns around and smiles towards the camera and starts chuckling.



He comes to a pull up bar which is the line in disguise, positioned just a little bit out of his reach. He looks up at it and tries with one hand to grab onto it. Lionel doesn’t manage to reach this and begins to get angry again by showing the audience his not too happy face.



From across the room he sees a little crate which he thinks would be perfect to stand on and do some pulls up. He grabs it and puts it under the bar. Lionel then looks at the audience smiling again looking proud of himself. The lines face comes up looking very mischievous on the right side of the frame.

The line

Watch this!

As soon as he gets on the bar and attempts to do a pull up the line plays a trick on Lionel and starts to comes towards him like a lit dynamite fuse. Lionel sees this and looks very worried, the crate that Lionel puts under the bar turns out to be a TNT box which the line is about to ignite. Lionel blows up out of frame followed by screaming, shouting and crashing noises.

The End.


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