Introduction to new idea – TREASON

May 25, 2011 at 6:36 pm (Uncategorized)



Shot Shot Type Shot Desc. Timing
1 Medium Shot Jason walks into the house 3 seconds
2 Low angle Jason kicking over the bucket after just getting in 2 seconds
3 Side angle medium Jason grumbling after just kicking the bucket 2 seconds
4 Medium to Long shot Jason continuing to walk into his house. He takes his coat off and drops it onto a bowl with a spoon in it 3 seconds
5 Low angle Spoon looking up at the coat about to drop onto him 3 seconds
6 Medium Shot Jason entering the kitchen 2 seconds
7 Close up Jason putting the toast in the toaster 2 seconds
8 High Angled medium shot from behind Jason trying to look for a knife around a cluttered and dirty kitchen. He grabs the closest knife to him 3 seconds
9 Close up Jason buttering the toast and making a mess with it 2 seconds
10 Medium shot from behind Jason throwing the knife across the room. The knife falls onto the floor 2 seconds
11 Long shot Jason walking out of the kitchen 2 seconds
12 Long sot Jason walking up the stairs 2 seconds
13 Medium shot Jason walking up towards a door and then opens it 2 seconds
14 Long shot Jason walks into his room takes his shirt off and throws it in a corner and gets into bed 3 seconds
15 Medium shot A shot of the bedside table with a book an action figure and a light. 3 seconds
16 High angle shot Ranger looking up from the ground 3 seconds
17 Long shot Lord stood on the table 2 seconds
18 High angle shot Ranger on the ground looking up again 8 seconds
19 Long shot Lord stood n the table speaks to Ranger and then turns to Rax and begins to speak to him. Rax runs off of the table to alert everyone of rangers, montague of rax telling everyone about the meeting 18 seconds
20 Long shot Ranger is stood up high waiting for everyone to arrive he is pacing. Lord walks up to him and begins to speak he replies and then continues to wait 11 seconds
21 Camera zooms out from long shot of ranger and lord The crowd begins to arrive 3 seconds
22 Long shot from behind of ranger and lord Lord begins to speak and then ranger steps up front 5 seconds
23 Long shot over looking crowd Ranger begins to give an inspirational speech, the crowd roars and gives their opinions, they roar again. Ranger speaks for the last time 33 seconds
24 Long shot From inside the kitchen of large group of items moving towards stairs 5 seconds
25 Long shot All the items walking through the hall and up the stairs 6 seconds
26 Long shot Items approaching Jason’s door 3 seconds
27 Long shot pan From inside Jason’s room. The items push the door open slowly and then begin to move in. 5 seconds
28 Low angle shot From the view behind ranger as they realize the items within the room have already begun to strike 2 seconds
29 Long shot From the foot of the bed. All items begin to jump up onto the behind and surround Jason 3 seconds
30 Close up Jason suddenly waking up and all the items drop as though they’ve died 3 seconds
31 Side angle shot Ranger Begins to speak 4 seconds
32 Long shot From foot of bed as all items revive suddenly 3 seconds
33 Long shot zoom in to close up Jason screaming look very scared 3 seconds

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