May 25, 2011 at 6:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Int. night. House

Jason walks into his house and stumbles over the mop and bucket and then begins to grumble. He continues to walk into his house takes his coat off and drops it onto a bowl with a spoon in it.



He then continues to the kitchen, makes some toast and makes a mess with the cutlery and everything around him.


uhhhh!……What a pig

Jason walks out of the kitchen straight upstairs into the bathroom and begins to brush his teeth making more mess with the toothbrushes and other items around him.


What the??

He then makes his way into his bedroom and gets into bed, while trying to turn off his bedside lamp he manages to knock over his action figure, which is placed right beside it and then he finally turns it off.


I’ve had enough of this shit!……. Lord!


Yes sir?


Get everyone to assemble just after sunset, and make sure everyone is there from kitchonians to frontlandians I mean everyone.


Yes sir I’ll get on it right away

Lord turns to around and looks at Rax


We must get everyone together quickly, i think ranger might be planning something

Rax hurries off quickly to alert everyone of the assembly. He runs all over the house telling everything to come to hear what has to be said.

EXT. night. outside in the garden

Ranger is waiting outside for all the household items to arrive, he seems anxious and keeps pacing back and fourth. Lord walks up to him.


I can’t believe it sir I think everyone is beginning to arrive, all the lighters, batteries, pencils and pens and even the cutlery are coming.


Well done Lord, they need to hear this.

Ranger waits as the large group of household items begin to descend onto the area.


Quiet down! Ranger needs to speak with us.

Ranger steps up to the front and begins to speak


For far too long the tall one has been taking advantage of us without regard to our welfare. At one point i was his prized possession… but now I’m no better than the dirt on his shoes…….. I think it’s time to take over this house and show him who really controls it……… who’s with me?

A loud roar of approval comes from the crowd.


I’ve been wanting to do something about this for far too long.


Ye we definately need to show him.

The loud roar continues. Ranger steps up to speak again


We need to attack tonight before anytime is wasted……. get your clans ready it’s happening tonight.

int. night. house

The large group of household items begin their move through the kitchen and up the stairs towards Jason’s room to try and attack him. Everything from toothbrushes to batteries, lighters and various forms of cutlery accompanied by pencils pens and even erasers and sharpeners are involved in the strike. Everyone gets to the door of his room and realize the items within his room have already begun their strike as well. They begin to move in too. All items begin to move over the bed getting closer to Jason, just as they are about to attack Jason abruptly wakes up. Suddenly all the items fall over as though they’ve died.


Fuck it!… this is our only chance…… ATTACK!!!!!!

All items are swiftly revived and get back up. Jason looks around to find all his household items around him about to attack he looks surprised and very scared.




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