Sound sheet…

May 25, 2011 at 6:37 pm (Uncategorized)

Sound Sheet- TREASON


Sound Number Sound Description
1 Jason opening the door and footsteps as he walks inside
2 Footsteps and the sounds of him kicking the mop and bucket over. Sounds of them both falling to the floor
3 Jason begins to grumble
4 Footsteps as he begins to walk into the kitchen
5 Sounds of him taking off his coat
6 Sounds of the coat falling through the air
7 Spoon shouting…Ahhhhhhhhhh!
8 Sound of coat falling onto bowl and spoon
9 Footsteps as Jason walks into the kitchen
10 Sounds of Jason putting toast into the toaster
11 Jason humming as he looks for a knife
12 Sounds of him buttering his toast
13 Sounds of the knife being thrown across the counter and falling onto the floor
14 Sound of knife speaking… Uhhhh!.. What a pig
15 Footsteps as he walks out of the room
16 Footsteps as he walks up the steps and into his room
17 Sounds of him opening the door and footsteps as he enters the room
18 Sounds of him taking his shirt off
19 Sounds of him getting into bed- rustling etc
20 Sounds of him fiddling around at the bedside table
21 Sounds of Jason knocking over the action figure
22 Action figure falls to the floor with a thud
23 Sound of the light being flicked off
24 Ranger begins to speak…..I’ve had enough of this shit……..Lord!
25 Sound of Lord replying… Yes Sir?
26 Ranger speaks back.. Get everyone to assemble, just after sunset and make sure everyone is there, from kitchonians to frontlandians. I mean everyone.
27 Lord replies.. Yes sir I’ll get on it right away
28 Lord begins to speak to Rax… We need to get everyone together I think ranger might be planning something
29 Sounds of Rax jumping off the table and running off
30 Military sounds as rax runs around telling everyone about the meeting
31 Footsteps as ranger paces back and forth
32 Lord begins to speak to ranger…… I can’t believe it sir everyone is arriving. The lights, batteries, pencils and pens and even the cutlery are coming.
33 Ranger replies… Well done Lord they need to hear this
34 Sounds of a large group of people coming towards you- heavy footsteps etc, military sounds in background
35 Lord begins to speak to the crowd…. Quiet down ranger needs to speak with us
36 Footsteps as ranger walks up and begins to talk…. For far too long the tall one has been taking advantage of us without regard to our welfare. At one point I was his prized possession… but now I’m no better than the dirt on his shoes…….. I think it’s time to take over this house and show him who really controls it……… who’s with me?
37 Sounds of loud cheering of approval from the crowd
38 A fork speaks… I’ve been wanting to do something about this for far too long.
39 Loud cheering again
40 A battery speaks…… Ye we definately need to show him.
41 The loud roar continues
42 Ranger begins to speak again…. We need to attack tonight before anytime is wasted……. get your clans ready it’s happening tonight.
43 Loud marching sounds as the large crowd begin to move through the house and up the stairs
44 Sounds of ranger slowly pushing the door open, the whole time military sounds are going on in the background
45 Jason abruptly wakes up…. Uhhhhhhh!
46 Sounds of all the items falling on the bed around Jason
47 Ranger begins to speak… Fuck it!… this is our only chance…… ATTACK!!!!!!
48 Sounds of a power up as all items are revived
49 Jason begins to pant loudly as all items scream and charge toward him. He screams very loudly….AHHHHHHHHH!!

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